Sunday, August 21, 2011

Making Time to Find New Things

After being gluten free for almost ten years now, I usually don't look much for gluten free products in the grocery store in my town. They rarely have anything that is except for their small gluten free section. But every now and then, I decide to just walk around and if I see a product that looks good, I pick it up and read the label. While this is quite time consuming, it is also vastly rewarding when I find a product that is in fact gluten free. My most recent find, is Talenti Gelato.

I have passed it in the store for months, but never stopped to look at it. To my surprise, it actually is labeled gluten free on the back of the jar. I was actually drawn to this because I was craving chocolate, and nothing that is double dark chocolate could ever be bad. Talenti has 13 flavors of gelato and 5 flavors of sorbetto, all gluten free except the Caramel Cookie Crunch. It is light and fluffy, Kosher, all natural, contains 30 to 100 percent less fat than ice cream, and absolutely delicious! This find reminded me that every now and then, you have to take the time to look around and see what you might be missing. 

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