Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Weekend of Gluten Free Discovery

This weekend I made several fantastic gluten free discoveries. More than likely, these discoveries are not new to everyone, just new to me.  While at my grandpa's house today, I happened to notice that Worcestershire Sauce is labeled gluten free.  I haven't used the stuff in years, but am actually thrilled that now I can.  In addition to this fantastic discovery, I also noticed today that Frito Lay products are labeled gluten free as well.  After making these discoveries, I couldn't help but wonder if these were recent changes, or I have just been completely oblivious to them.  Do we get so used to knowing that something is safe or not safe to eat, that we just begin ignoring the package completely? If so, we really need to start paying attention and stop missing the amazing discoveries to be made. My wonderful weekend of discovery continued with finding out that the grocery story here in my little town is now carrying some gluten free items again.  It is a strange assortment of items, but a step in the correct direction.  I also discovered that the grocery store I usually buy my gluten free items at is now carrying some breads from Canyon Bakehouse. So of course, I bought one of them to try.  I am really looking forward to trying the product and seeing if it lives up to the hype. I really hope the selection of gluten free items I can get my hands on locally continues to grow, because I love trying new things.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gluten Free Food Labeling Summit

On May 4, 2011 gluten free finally became an issue to the FDA, thanks to a group called 1 in 133 that personally took on the fight to get the FDA to make standardized gluten free labeling. To those that started the group, thank you.  To everyone who signed the petition like I did, you are helping to make this happen. This is one of the biggest movements in the gluten free community and proves that we will fight for what we need. It seems that the message got across to the FDA, but now we just have to wait and see. Hopefully things will change now and life will get easier for the gluten free community. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Celiac Awareness Month

May is Celiac Awareness month! This year, the month is all about changing the way people look at gluten free. Just a few days away the first Gluten Free Food Labeling Summit will be held in Washington, DC.  Most of us can't go out to the event, but there is still a way to help with the cause. You can go to and sign the petition to get the FDA to finally set standardized labeling for gluten free products. Anyone that is on the gluten free diet knows how important it is to have a standard for gluten free labeling. It would make our lives much easier, and ensure that all gluten free products are indeed that. I really hope this summit makes the FDA see that we are going to fight for what should have already been done, and make them finally take action.  I guess we'll just have to see.